Life in a post-Klokov and post-Akkaev world

I am only slowly recovering from the trauma of not seeing Klokov and Akkaev battle it out at the London 2012 Games. Books on grieving have helped, and I’m now inching toward a reluctant Acceptance. There was, of course, the Denial stage, during which point I kept re-watching the 105 session in the hopes that the two Russians would miraculously appear and compete. Unfortunately the shittiness of NBC’s feed and the constant barrage of ads only worsened that stage…

Then came Anger, which is perhaps best exemplified by the following image.

“what do you mean i’m not lifting?!?!”
(photo credit: jean-nàt st.-arèm,

This was followed by the Bargaining stage, during which time I made repeated phone calls to the IOC, the IWF, and Mike Graber, in the hopes of a “do over” for the entire London Games, thus giving Klokov and Akkaev a chance to compete. So far only Graber has responded to my calls, but his enthusiastic support for the idea gives me some hope.

In the meantime, as we all wade through the Depression phase, let us sit back and watch the following video and think of happier times, when we were all anticipating what might have been the most extraordinary contest in modern weightlifting history. Sigh…

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