Three Olympians; internet by telegram

The hotel’s internet has completely shit the bed. Thus I am reduced to tapping this out via Morse code at a Western Union telegraph station, and as I am paying by the letter I must be brief. Until I am able to find somewhere with a dial-up modem and a CompuServe account the following picture will have to suffice.

You run into the strangest people in the late-night hours in the hotel lobby...

You run into the strangest people in the late-night hours in the hotel lobby…

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4 Responses to Three Olympians; internet by telegram

  1. JohnnyTwoEggs says:

    Do you have more training video/pics of the top contenders? Would be realllllllllllllllly nice to see the difference in their training while being performed by the best.

    And these daily updates with pictures are hilarious, please sir I beg you MORE!

    • David Boffa says:

      I have some various clips to put together, although nothing more from the Chinese at the moment. Also the Russians didn’t arrive early in the competition, so they didn’t spend the days leading up to things training the way many other teams have. I’ll see if I can get other clips from people wandering the halls…

  2. Matthew Kalinowski says:

    I have finally found another human who remembers the CompuServe days. This can’t be real, Mr. Boffa, am I dreaming?

    • David Boffa says:

      CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL–you name it, I used it and remember it. I even still remember my Prodigy account number.

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