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Post-Nationals Social Media Status Generator

Congratulations! If you are reading this, odds are you survived the 2015 USAW Nationals (relatively) unscathed. Trust me, this was no easy task, what with the 100-degree heat and the conflicted emotions of watching a 15-year-old kid clean and jerk more … Continue reading

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Skatetown this was not: The 2014 Nationals in Salt Lake City

EMERGENCY ALERT! Salt Lake City is burning. As predicted, the result of USAW taking over National events was utter, total chaos. Not since Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes marched across Eurasia have we seen destruction on this scale (though … Continue reading

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On the “Politics” of Weightlifting: a response to Glenn Pendlay and the thousands of people currently swinging from his…

A bit of a warning: there’s a fair chance my response to Glenn Pendlay’s recent blog post is going to be a bit mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly boring, insofar as weightlifting is concerned. Think “Pride and Prejudice” but with all the kung fu … Continue reading

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The 2012 American Open/Outlaw Open – Part Deux

On Sunday, the final day of competition, I had a chance to speak with the event organizer, Nick Frasca, and watch a little bit of the Outlaw Open, which was taking place in a room adjacent to the American Open. … Continue reading

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Cold hot tubs, CrossFit, and the 2011 American Open in Mobile, AL

[Note: About a week or so after the 2011 American Open, USAW contacted me, asking for a short write-up of my experiences there. I said I was happy to provide something, so long as I wasn’t being asked to whitewash … Continue reading

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