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Houston 2015 behind-the-scenes: The Warmup Room

When I went to my first World Championshipss way back in 2010 the experience was very much a guerrilla affair: I arrived with no tickets, no media pass, and no clue how I was going to gain entry into anything. … Continue reading

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Houston: The Kazakhstan of America and the 2015 World Championships

Much like last year, I very nearly didn’t make it to this year’s World Championships, held in glorious Houston, Texas. After an unseasonably warm autumn in the Midwest, the climate here went from Tatooine to Hoth in what felt like a … Continue reading

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Post-Nationals Social Media Status Generator

Congratulations! If you are reading this, odds are you survived the 2015 USAW Nationals (relatively) unscathed. Trust me, this was no easy task, what with the 100-degree heat and the conflicted emotions of watching a 15-year-old kid clean and jerk more … Continue reading

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A review of “Lifting King Kong”: Korean weightlifting and cinematic glory

Lifting King Kong, 2009, dir. by Park Keon-Hong, starring Lee Beom-So, Jo An, Lee Yun-Hee, Jeon Bo-Mi, etc., 120 mins Has the moviegoing public been clamoring for a movie about Olympic weightlifting? I know I have, ever since I watched an … Continue reading

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Tatiana and the 2015 Arnold – Part 1, The Seminar

“What do I have to do to get a World Champion to put her hands on me?” That was the question I posed to Yasha Kahn, head translator and Master of Ceremonies at the Tatiana Kashirina seminar organized by former … Continue reading

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