Of Iron and Bronze – 20



from: ricky pugilio <rickyolympin@aol.com>
to: Jonathan Scarpa <scarpj77@eden.rutgers.edu>
date: Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 5:12 AM
subject: Champion!


Great job at the Mets this weekend!!!!! You did an easy 270 total without any special preparation and were close with your third attempts. The 125 & 155 will be easy soon enough! You looked very powerful out there & very strong on the platform. Most important you looked focused & professional & your technique is the best ever. I swear I thought you were going to do that 155 with how intense you looked! You were chasing the White Moment! Next time you will do that plus more. All the hard work is paying off. Just keep training hard & taking your vitamins & recovering & you will be doing a 300 total before you know it.

Here is your next training micro. Do every rep but don’t do any more than what’s written! If you can come up to fdu during the week let me know. I will probably be there every night. Or if you guys want to stop in for some pizza I’ll be working all week in the mornings and afternoons. Anyway you know I’m around so just give me a call whenever. Otherwise I will see you Saturday morning at the gym.

Great job again!! You made me very proud out there.

Train hard!



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