I’m a former National-level Olympic Weightlifter and a current former member of USAW’s Board of Directors. Though I was never a great lifter my career highlights do include beating Mike Tirrito at Nationals one year (and he is a great lifter). I enjoy Olympic Weightlifting, reading, maple syrup, and mustaches.

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  1. Carl.C says:

    I just finished reading all the posts and it was a fantastic and hilarious read. Thanks!

  2. I think is is David Boffa’s website. If so, I chatted with you and bob quite a bit, especially at the airport depasrting form last years collegiate nats. anyway, great blog and great writing.

  3. dave corbin says:

    So, please do add your By line or at least fill out the About section. you are a USAW Board member? Please say so! thanks dc

  4. Jennifer U says:

    Your blog is amazing! So happy to be a new subscriber. Gracias a Graber! Keep up this work.

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