A snatch heard ’round the world…

It’s been a manic few days, with travels across the Atlantic and in the States, but it would be remiss of me to not mention what is surely one of the greatest lifts of our time, and what is very likely to be considered part of the greatest lifts of all time: the 176-kilo snatch by the intercostal legend Lu Xiaojun.

A 77-kilo man snatching nearly 100 kilos over bodyweight (photo credit: hookgrip.com)

Unlike the Great Wall of China, Lu’s intercostals actually can be seen from space (photo credit: hookgrip.com)

With this lift—and his third world championship—Lu has effectively secured his place among the pantheon of Olympic Weightlifting deities. The only athletes with any potential to beat him are his own countrymen, and as of yet none has done so on the international stage. Nor can anyone demonstrate such mastery over the barbell, such precision and fluidity with weights that few people can properly comprehend. There are many different intelligences and many types of artistry, and Lu Xiaojun has shown himself to be the undisputed genius at his craft.

But enough words. Let us let Lu himself do the talking, using the language he seems to have perfected, if not invented.

(hat tip to Matthew Nourse for the footage)

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